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Lets Get Your Business on The Web
The Internet is truly a massive resource for marketing, the likes of which no one has ever seen before. In an age of online shopping it is a necessity for all businesses /organizations to have an online presence.

Oour Web Site Design Services
We provide many services such as: Custom Web Design, Web Application Development, Rich Media Development, Website Maintenance, Website and Mail Hosting, and Graphic / Print Design. All these services can be tailored and/or packaged to fit your business or organizational needs.

Our Web Design Software

Our Aerial Photography Unit

Controlling your own web site can be done
We have been designing professionally for the web for more than eight years. We are willing to work with you regarding all aspects of your web presence including web design, logo development, copy development, copy editing, web hosting, blog developement, and any other web needs you may have. JasGad Creations offers a Content Management System (CMS) that will allow you to update your own web pages if you wish. If you have CMS needs we use a uniquely designed Control Panel program with a login interface that allows for multiple users.

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Website Hosting
The speed, reliability, and performance of your web site and media content is only as good as the server and data center it's loading from. You will be glad to know that OnyxServers hosts all of its customer web sites on some of the fastest servers in the web hosting industry. In addition, the data center housing our servers is one of the fastest and most reliable data centers in North America.

Hosting Plan 3
$385.00 a year
20 Domains
2 Gig of Space!
6 Gig Bandwidth per month!
50 Email Accounts!
You can be your own Hosting Company!

Hosting Plan 2
$255.00 a year
10 Domains
1 Gig of Space!
1.5 Gig Bandwidth per month!
20 Email Accounts!
10 Data bases
10 Sub Domains

Hosting Plan 1
$125.00 a year
1 Domain
150 Megs of Space!
600 Megs Bandwidth per month!
10 Email Accounts!
2 Data Bases
2 Sub Domains
Personal Web Site Plan

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