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| A note from Jason CEO:
I have been designing web sites since 2003 and I have put many hours into learning the art of the trade. My web site designing started when a friend of mine showed me how to make a simple web site in Microsoft Word.

These web sites were definitely low grade and unpleasing to the eyes. I bought a program called Microsoft Front Page soon after and started training myself in the evenings to learn to create pages. I had training programs to help with the hard stuff and I caught on quickly. I then purchased Paint Shop Pro and started working with graphic design. I spent many hours learning this program.

I was soon able to upgrade my design suite to Dream Weaver MX 2004, Paint Shop Pro 8, and Swish Max Flash. I have now become a very fast and competent web designer and I have much to offer you in the area of site design

I wanted to try and offer web design to people at a reasonable price. I wanted to be honest and I wanted the customer to get everything they paid for without any hidden costs. The cost of a web site doesn't come from a very big over head. The charge is mainly figured from man hours and a small hosting fee.

I was unaware of the copyright policies that some designers put on web sites. Some designers will design your web site, host it for you, and take your money gladly, but then they forget to let you know that if you decide in the future to host your site somewhere else the graphics they used to make your site look good will not go with you. In order for you to get these pictures you will have to pay a copyright release fee and this could be costly.


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Two more tactics that some site designers and hosters could do is Domain Name dropping or Domain Name release fee.

Domain Name Dropping is when you go to host somewhere else and the designer says that your domain name will be closed and you can buy it once it is on the market again. This causes you to have to purchase it again and it pulls more money from your pocket. This is a hard decision to make because if you already have customers purchasing from your site you may lose money. The reason I say this is because there is a small thing out on the web called Domain Name Back Ordering. Domain Name Back Ordering is when a person finds a web site that appeals to them and purchases a Back Order on that Domain Name. That means if the owner of the web site ever forgets to make their payment on time the site name will instantly be purchased by them. They will then send you an email offering to sell ownership of the Domain Name at a very high price. This happened to me once on my first web site.

Domain Name Release Fee is when you ask the designer or hosting company to release your domain name and they inform you that they own the site domain name. They will then charge you a fee to release ownership of the site name that you have already paid for. If you use JazGad to purchase your domain name this will not happen. I will push your existing domain name into your account at no charge as long as you use Godaddy.com.

The way I see these maneuvers is that they are both created to force you to keep paying the current designer/ hosting company their yearly hosting fee and update charges even if you know of someone who will do it for less.

I felt very strongly about not letting this happen anymore so I decided to start this company and offer the same services every other designer does, except I don't have any hidden charges. Why should unsuspecting people be taken in on a service that really isn't that expensive.

My promise to you is that if you buy a Web Site from JazGad, you are the owner and you can do with it what ever you want. If you decide not to host your site with us I will burn your site to a CD and give it to you. I will then point your domain name to go to what ever hosting company you please or transfer the name to you and you will be free from our services. No strings attached.


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