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Web Site Design
We design and host web sites for a very affordable price. We have been designing and hosting web sites for over 8 years and have around 100 web sites currently published. We use Dreamweaver MX 2004, Microsoft Front Page, Paint Shop Pro 8, and Swish Max Flash to design the web pages. If we design a web site for you and you purchase it, it becomes your property with no hidden release fees or copyright release notes. If you take your site to another hosting company we will give you a copy of the site in full. Custom design is not only a way for you to put your best foot forward on the Internet, but it allows you the freedom of having your site tailored to your businesses specific needs. We can use templates if you wish to save some money on design costs.

Dream Weaver MX
We build world-class websites and applications with one of the industry's leading web authoring tools. AdobeŽ DreamweaverŽ CS4 software is ideal for web designers, web developers, and visual designers.

Copyright 2010, JasGad Creations. All rights reserved.

Swish Max Studio
Swish Max is an advanced Flash creation tool for the graphic artist or web professional. It is everything we need to create on live flash and movies for our customers. It is the ideal Flash creator for the business user. It gives us quick and professional results. Powerful Scripting Language for Advanced Users and Tools to Control Motion, Draw Shapes, Edit Text, and more.

Paintshop Pro
Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 has everything we need to create stunning photos. The integrated Learning Center and a selection of one-click photo-fixing tools makes it easy to correct common photo flaws such as red eye, color and sharpness. Unique makeover tools let us remove blemishes and paint on whatever we need to make the photo look good.

We can get you started.
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Web Site Portfolio
Below are a few web sites created by JasGad Creations.

Acorn Acres Lodging
Buckeye Trail Cabin
Cabins at Hickory Ridge
Cardos Pizza and Tavern
Family Home Center
Garge Door Pioneers
Hocking County Government Page
Lilley Law

Logan Police Department
Logan Ohio City Web Site
Long Range RC
Nelsonville Police Department
Quarter Deck Enterprises
Springwood Cabins
Rat Tactical

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